The company held the first half of market information feedback meeting
Date:07/22/2014   Author:Wenzhou Yihai Trade Co.,Ltd
    Shanghai through the first half of market information feedback meeting was held on the second floor meeting room the afternoon of July 8, the meeting was chaired by Mr. Wang Dibiao Marketing Director, Mr. Guo executive vice president and technical director, production, sale and department heads attended the meeting . 

     First, informed by the regional sales manager of industry information area of ​​responsibility, agents and users of the Shanghai through product quality, integrated management information feedback, mainly reflecting the service, comments and suggestions product supply; then the sale and production departments responsible for the market to reflect the issues and come up with a corrective method described. 

     Finally, Kwok made ​​his concluding remarks, the various departments of the company made ​​the job requirements, requiring departments to pay attention to market feedback sum rectification, starting from 5S to improve management of water products to improve product quality to meet market demand.