Shanghai Hutong Group participated in the 19th Beijing Essen Welding Show a success
Date:07/15/2014   Author:Wenzhou Yihai Trade Co.,Ltd

The annual event --- welding 19th Beijing Essen Welding Fair on June 10 -13 days held in Beijing International Exhibition Center, Shanghai Shanghai Tong Group in Miao Zhang Tong, led by chairman and deputy general manager of 郭少朋 director, sent a strong team to participate in the event. 

Shanghai and Shanghai-Group companies not only to new atmosphere booth to attract customers, but also to enrich the "Hercules" series product line and brand new products attracted customers stop, we not only introduced two years ago, "Hercules" products in the highly praised, and on the upcoming new brand products full of expectations. 

Shanghai Tong groups use the show platform and opportunity, held the evening of June 10, the new product launches and Cocktail Party in Beijing Rosedale Hotel Ballroom, participate in the exhibition of more than 80 old and new vendors attended the party. Gala hosted by Kwok and Mr Zhang Dong made ​​a speech to thank Chief Engineer Mr. Yang Shuzi made ​​new product introductions, new arrival of Mr. Wang Dibiao marketing director made ​​a statement to perform their duties; sales representative and sales manager's representative took the floor have also , said the job market in the future, we must make every effort to Shanghai through products to market, the greatest efforts to meet the needs of users, the real factory, manufacturers, users win. 

 Effective and successful four-day event, and we look forward to more outstanding performance in Shanghai together next year.